Stroke Instruction

Geared toward the competitive swimmer, from the very beginner to the highest level athlete, these lessons have a three-fold purpose: proper stroke technique, strong practice fundamentals, and race preparation & strategy.  The entire lesson is utilized and full focus is on the swimmer and the pre-determined goals of lesson.  Instruction is innovative, energetic and backed by decades of professional teaching and coaching.


If you would like to be put on the waiting list please email Coach Barnes at 

Fees & Payment:

Private/Semi-Private Lessons: $50 per half hour; $100 per hour


Cash, checks, Paypal and credit/debit cards are all accepted. 

Cancellation Policy:

Please advise us of any cancellations or issues more than 24 hours before your lesson.  Payment will be processed for any lesson cancelled within the 24 hour period and it is the client's responsibility to reschedule such lesson.  We will always do our best to reschedule a missed lesson in a timely manner and look forward to working with you in these special circumstances.


Please contact us if you have the need for learn-to-swim lessons. 

I like to go to lessons with Coach Stephanie because she says funny things and does funny dances that help me remember how to swim the right way. Her dancing, though, is NOT good.”

”Before Coach Stephanie, I only knew how to doggie paddle. Now I know all four strokes and am excited for the races!
— Sawyer Stolarczyk (7) & Quinn Stolarczyk (9)
Stephanie really cares about my daughter’s successes and is helping us put together a plan for her to swim in college. She is kind, caring, compassionate. More than a coach. Stephanie is a role model and a friend
— Carol Holmes, mother of Texas State Runner-up Elizabeth
Stephanie is not just another coach who tweaks the angle of your swimmer’s hand or the cadence of your swimmer’s breaststroke. She is a transformative, relentless, and passionate advocate for masterful technique and focused psychological training
— Mary McCafferty, mother of four Swim Experience swimmers
Stephanie Barnes was absolutely “born to coach”. Her positive energy and enthusiasm reinforced my daughter’s love for swimming. She has refined my daughter’s strokes to the point she is consistently achieving her best times, ever. But not only has she coached to her tecnique, she has also coached to the emotional side of the world of competitive swimming, as only a former champion swimmer could do. The tools she provides our daughter during every lesson are invaluable.
— Lisa Decker, mother of Georgia
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— ...
Coach Stephanie is a wonderful swim coach! She understands how each of our children respond to coaching differently and she uses specific positive coaching styles for each child. She is extremely knowledgeable about swimming and technique. We are very lucky to have Coach Stephanie work with our kids!
— Very Happy Mother of three